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Work Smarter Not Harder

My early career was made up of long hours at work. I had no time for anything else and my life was an endless ‘groundhog day’ of wake, work, then 4 hours sleep. Rinse and repeat.

When business owners come to me, many are in the same position. But the reality is that this is no way to live your life, let alone to run a business. This non-stop treadmill of working long hours can be addictive, but it’s also seriously unhealthy and most definitely unsustainable.

When I started working with small business clients across Australia it became abundantly clear that the most healthy, sustainable, and profitable way to run a business was to fully understand and implement greater efficiency, while billing fairly for your time.

Working smarter (not harder) means:

Your time is the most valuable commodity

Smart business owners should document exactly what they need to do for their business, how much time is required for their input, and how they will bill for this time. Think: what do you need to bill per hour, day, week, and month to be at maximum profitability for your time?

You can repeat this for each team member. From this assessment you can then develop new strategies & procedures to ensure that every team member in your business is working efficiently and productively.

Cost saving equals increased profit

Assessing your business costs can make a massive difference to your profitability.  I often see businesses ‘wasting’ money without even realizing that this is happening. My advice is to look at every layer of costs in your business to see where you can make the most significant gains.

Not just winging it

Every business has gone through a phase of ‘survival’. But to achieve your true business potential you need a clear, precise roadmap of where you are going and how to get there.

This includes full financial viability with timelines plus team development; systems review and update when necessary; plus regular weekly and monthly review to keep modifying performance at every level.

Working smarter means being fully in control of exactly what is happening at every level of your business on a regular basis.

I’ve helped hundreds of SMEs increase their profits by an average of $420,000 a year. This is my specialty, and I’m here to help you work smart, wherever you are in the lifecycle of your business.