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5 Life Lessons to Master Choice in Life & Business

I’ve developed businesses for 30-years. I still love the challenge of taking a company to new heights of productivity, efficiency and profitability. Witnessing the joy on a business owner’s face when they exceed their own expectations reminds me of the power of mentor ship.

I entered the workforce young and used the ups and downs to become a master of my profession: helping people make more money, work less and have more freedom in life.

The thing is, I retired (not long ago) until I realised how privileged I was to have a distinctive edge after being in business for three decades. Why was I retiring at the peak of my mastery?

Enter Life Lessons with Erica King, high-end business mentor ship helping SME’s increase profits and freedom. This business is the result of a short stint in retirement and the creation of my Life Lessons Manifesto .

Here are my five signature Life Lessons for Business Success.

Life Lesson 1: Life Choices

Entrepreneurial freedom requires the unshakeable foundation of resilience, discipline, integrity and strong work ethic. My leap into entrepreneurship started with peeling kilos of prawns for my family’s catering company. The experience helped me realise what I wanted (and didn’t) for my future. Use wherever you are now to design the life and business you want tomorrow. Find a mentor for support, and get to work!

Life Lesson 2: Business Vision

Imagine what it’d be like to increase your profit average by $500,000 a year. That’s precisely the figure (and some) I supported 585 small businesses around Australia to achieve. Eager to know how we achieved it? By establishing a clear vision and road map for accomplishing goals. Without knowing where you’re going or what you want, commitment and focus wavers. Decide what you want, and go after it. An iron-clad road map is invaluable.

Life Lesson 3: Balance or Burnout

I learned this one the hard way after launching my consulting firm and trailblazing through life into my late 30’s. I was financially successful early on in life; the unfortunate cost was burning out by 38. Working until burnout is not a successful business model. Business success emerges from sustainable practices, which stem from an internal balance of health and well being. When you find balance, your performance will increase, but your work time doesn’t have to.

Life Lessons 4: Meaningful Connections

After burning out, I decided to become a runner to reconnect with myself and find life balance. Within 9-months of learning to run (starting with zero athletic ability), I entered and ran the New York City Marathon. After crossing the finish line, I realised anything is possible with the ‘right’ strategy and mindset. That insight inspired the launch of Running Divas; an online running community for women. Since then, I’ve seen how meaningful connections empower us professionally and personally. They are the key to success in both business and life.

Life Lesson 5: Focus & Fortitude

Without stepping outside your comfort zone and taking calculated risks to leverage your financial success, you will plateau or become insignificant. Business requires you to reinvent yourself and your brand continually. Change either happens to you, or you direct it. If you’re not constantly evolving with your business, you’re stagnating. Be courageous, let transformation to be your secret weapon.