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The 5 Shortcuts Super-Successful Business Owners Take

Any successful person who has worked for many years to achieve their goals knows nothing happens overnight. Real success takes time. It requires Focus & Fortitude, which is 1 of 5 signature Life Lessons  I use to mentor and coach professionals.

Instead of seeking shortcuts to short-lived success, adopt the following principles and operate a business that’s built to thrive.

  1. Values are Your Anchor

My values of trust, mutual represent, and understanding guide me each day. If there’s ever a moment of overwhelm or desire for a shortcut, stop. Return to your core business values. These are your anchor points; they will reconnect you to your ‘Why’ and guide you forward. Choose the long game, and avoid backtracking to fix mistakes caused by shortcuts. Values keep you in check.

  1. Build From the Ground up

Focus on building strong foundations and secure a type of success that feels significant versus empty achievements resulting from cutting corners. For a company to last, it must be agile, resilient and evolve as the business develops and markets shifts. All profitable organisations have efficient protocols, systems and procedures. Invest your energy in creating an iron-clad foundation and capitalise on increased brand awareness, market share and profits.

  1. Know Your Business Inside Out

To become a leader in your industry, you must possess the ability to assess and make changes continually. Particularly in the start-up phase of your business or when acquiring a new one; there’s significant value in understanding the fundamental systems and processes that constitute your business. Know your brand from the inside out so when you scale and hire staff, you know what it takes to get the job done across the board.

  1. Pace Your Progress

Real success provides many exciting opportunities for growth and learning. However, this route takes time. We need time to progress at a sustainable pace for the sake of the business and personal well being. Cutting corners and overworking without a clear vision is a waste of time, money and energy. Remember, if success arrives too easily or quickly, we can’t genuinely appreciate it.

  1. The Only Acceptable Shortcut

While there are no real shortcuts to success, one way to reduce error, prevent poor business decisions, and occasionally fast-track progress in a particular area is through wise counsel from a mentor or coach. Working with someone who knows the ropes has merit. Don’t be afraid to reach out for guidance.

Consistent actions breed business success. If you focus your time on delivering a premium service, set powerful goals and a sustainable action plan to get there, shortcuts lose their appeal.