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3 Mood Boosters For Business Owners

Passata day is an annual Italian tradition, which unites Italian families (generally) as they come together to chop and boil tomatoes before turning them in a traditional pasta sauce to be enjoyed over the year. Now, you can imagine, it’s a lot of tomatoes, and many hands are needed.

I love using Passata day as inspiration for life and business.


Because being a business owner, can often be an isolated experience. Your focus is on your company needs, your team, the customers, and there’s little left for much else—usually just your inner circle. In my experience of owning and running multiple businesses with large teams, that was the case.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Implement the following and your business game will change.
1. Find a Hobby

Whether its exercise, a book club, walking group or cooking, find activities that support you to step away from the business and enjoy yourself. Life isn’t supposed to be all work and no play, and if it is, I suggest you review your business strategy. That’s why Passata day is a wonderful experience. It brings together generations from their busy lives and engages them in an activity they wouldn’t find themselves doing in the business.

2. Human Connection Matters

Being ‘stuck’ in one groove all alone harms your creativity and ability to problem-solve. It also diminishes your mental health and wellbeing. When we connect with others, it gives us the oxytocin (social bonding hormone) hit we need to function at our best. Having connections outside of the business also paves the way for new perspectives or input, clarity, time out, and moments to breathe.

3. Create a Support Network

Look for opportunities to meet and connect with other business owners. You don’t get smarter, more resilient, or more successful just by listening to yourself. Have coffee or lunch dates—virtual or in-person. Remember, building your network doesn’t only have to be about how you will serve each other professionally. With more of us working from home, owning a business is possibly even more isolating than it was. Join a professional community or reach out to fellow entrepreneurs for regular check-ins. You’ll feel happier and more inspired.