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When It Gets Hard, Try This!

We all have roadblocks placed on our path. What separates those who navigate them successfully and those who don’t is a growth mindset—and the willingness to go all the way.

I was hardwired from a young age, not to accept ‘No’ as the end. A ‘no’ doesn’t mean it’s not possible; it may just be ‘no, right now’ or ‘no, not in this way’ or ‘not this project’.

A ‘no’ means finding another route, an alternative angle; a new way of pitching an idea or strategy.

Seeing ‘no’ as a bend in the road has enabled me to help business owners scale their companies and turn over hundreds of thousands—and some, millions.

Here are three ways to re-train your brain for growth.

  1. Find another way

Plans are wonderful, they support us to achieve our goals. However, as I’m sure you have experienced, they don’t always go to plan. Don’t let this occurrence derail your dreams, instead use the challenge to find another way.

Instead of focusing on the obstacle, ask yourself empowering questions like:

– What’s the one next step I can take? (Take it, reassess and then repeat until resolution)

– How can I use this obstacle to my advantage?

– What’s great about this situation that I haven’t yet realised?

– What (or who) would support me to navigate this challenge right now?

– How is this challenge positively serving me?

If you’re struggling, take a walk, meditate, go for a coffee or do something unassociated to your dilemma. It will relax your body and create space for the solution.

2. Listen to your inner voice 

People around you will always have something to say—especially those who are not in the arena with you. It can be wise to seek counsel but recognise that your inner voice ultimately knows what’s best. To hear it clearly, you’ll have to shut out the external noise.

Return to your ‘Why’. Why do you want to achieve this goal? Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Stay clear of people who only see the negatives. Surround yourself with people willing to forge forward with you. If you don’t have any of those, find a mentor, like myself who can guide you.

3. Diamonds are created under pressure

Pressure ignites transformation, yet many people forget that they can withstand the obstacle life has presented. Challenges evolve companies; they expand our capacity and those with a growth mindset will flourish.

The immediate choices are to say: ‘Yes, I will face this’ or ‘No, I’m backing down’.

Only you know what’s right in each moment. If you say, ‘Yes, I will beat this’, you will find a way.

Be committed to what you love. Embrace everything that presents itself on your journey. Giving up is not an option when building your dream life. Question is, how much do you really want it?