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Erica King - Business Coach Melbourne

Work with Erica

Bold Strategy Boosts Profits

Want smooth running systems, productive staff, happy clients and healthy profits?

I’ve helped hundreds of businesses earn millions of dollars.
Through business programs, mentoring, start-up advice and corporate overhauls, I help businesses make more money, with an average additional profit of $420,000 a year. Now I can do the same for yours.

Here’s what I can do for you.

  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase profitability
  • Increase owner and team productivity
  • Increase owner income very significantly
  • Develop your business to achieve its potential
  • Successfully integrate new strategies for increased gain
  • Develop high standards of team professionalism and customer service
  • Implement proven systems and strategies for long – term success
  • Assist business owners with developing your leadership and business skills
  • Give you real control and choice in your life

Profitable Business Excellence

Real success transpires when the ‘right’ action for your business is implemented.

How do you know what the ‘right’ move is? That’s where I come in.

My role is to facilitate the transformation of your business to its next level.

No one is good at everything. I excel at making businesses more money, but you wouldn’t want me giving you acupuncture.

You’re no doubt excellent at delivering the service or product you provide but likely find the business side of things challenging.

You don’t have to wing it, or fly solo.

A highly experienced mentor like myself can streamline the learning process and pinpoint exactly what your business needs. Forget generic business development advice. You don’t need nonsense, you want results.

Our work together is personalised and industry specific.

Business ideas to solve business challenges

Low cash flow

Solution: Examine your core business income + options for diversification + debt management. Focus on your customers’ needs with understanding, demonstrating respect and proving that you are worth trusting at this time.

Business operation is restricted

Solution: Examine how you can earn cash flow from current assets; connect with customer base & market new service options. Dissect all stakeholders’ needs with respect, trust and understanding.

Managing a team remotely & or retaining staff when income is drastically reduced

Solution: Communicate both individually and as a group with all team members. Identify new areas of skill that the business can leverage to stay afloat. Stay connected with your team daily & weekly, always demonstrating respect, trust & understanding.

Programs for business success

Whether you have a new business idea for a startup, want to buy a business, are looking to scale, or have been hit hard by the impact of 2020, let’s tailor a business plan to ensure your business success moving forward.

We walk the line together. I work with you privately to ensure we can best meet your business needs and goals, creating bespoke programs for 1, 3 or 6 months.

I will ensure we set, monitor and achieve KPI’s – and I deliver exceptional ROI for you and your business.

I don’t work magic—I work smart.

Taking the Leap

Recognise what opportunity is yours and what’s not. Know the difference and you’ll get results.

Have a start up or new business purchase on your mind? I say, go for it.

Your time and creativity is precious, utilise it intelligently. Work with me and you’ll become a strategic thinker who moves forward with aligned opportunities only.

Learn More

Roadmap to Success – 1 month program

As business owners, we don’t always see the path clearly. Our mental, physical and emotional investment in the business can cloud our view. Working with a mentor, who offers an objective perspective with proven expertise ensures you can step back, to step forward profitably. A detailed roadmap to success will help you regain control of your business. I’ll help you create it.

Plot your success

Implement Success – 3 month program

No great business leader ever evolved without pressure. They didn’t rise into their potential without guidance from a mentor either. To reach the next level of your business success and maximise profits, your roadmap needs to be ironclad. As your mentor, I’ll support you to implement the ‘right’ strategies for your business goals – and activate them.

Activate your profitability

Business Transformation – 6 month program

You’re a business owner, yet unlike every other business owner. Your life experience has shaped your path. Your business mindset attests to what’s possible for you. That’s why you need personalised guidance to transform your business. By investing time together with my guidance and proven business strategies, you will exceed your highest expectations of business profitability.

Ignite transformation

Business Mentoring

The most rewarding investment you can ever make in your business will be in you. Our work is about surpassing your existing success and expanding your business mindset. Seize possibilities. Embark on the greatest business adventure. Make the life you want tomorrow, today. Discover how my proven expertise and tried and tested business ideas can help you grow your business.

Invest in you


Organisational resilience, transformation and employee empowerment is at the forefront of corporate excellence. Apply my business transformation skills to your organisation and support your people to take their performance to the next level. As a result your company will thrive, increase profit margins and foster a fulfilled workforce of loyal team members and leaders.

Invest in your business

Erica is truly an amazing motivator & business coach. From the bottom of my heart, thank-you.

Stacey O'DVictoria