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Corporate Business Coach

My programs are tailored to the specific needs of your business.

I am a business coach that offers two programs for my Corporate clients.

Change As Opportunity Program

At no time in history has there been more disruption to business and industry. If you are willing to show leadership by embracing change, a business coach can help you. My Change As Opportunity program is tailored to your business needs and includes:

  • Individually designed program to identify, manage & implement changes at every level of your business
  • One on one with management team
  • Group session with large or small teams
  • Follow up progress to build on initial learnings.

Leadership Program

Leadership today starts with human to human connection. At every level of your organisation, grounded, agile and open-minded leadership is needed more than ever before.

My leadership program defines your organisational culture, values and goals and aligns your leadership teams with these. I work with your leaders to define their leadership styles, then map out a program for strengthening the areas in need of development.
This program includes:

  • One on one interviews & completion of MBTI Psychological assessment +
  • Group leadership session
  • Program for either individuals or groups
  • Follow up progress to build on learnings

I feel very passionately about how Erica has changed my life. My 4 retail businesses have consolidated debt, put systems in place, set clear leadership & the best part my ROI from 3 months of working with Erica is a 98% increase in profitability. Every expectation that I had has been exceeded beyond my biggest goals.

Jessica CNew South Wales