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Learn how to secure your business’ financial future today.

2020 has tested business owners like never before. Whether the pandemic ends in a month or stretches into the long term, you have to stay proactive to ensure the success of your business. So what are your options to thrive & not just survive moving forward?

Gain a fresh perspective by utilising my 30 years of experience & expertise in working with small businesses. As your business coach in Melbourne, I will personally work with you to firstly understand your business & then develop a roadmap for you to start moving towards increased productivity, efficiency & profitability.


losing too many customers in your health and lifestyle business?

Retaining customers & getting them back into your business is tougher than ever. With such huge numbers of job losses and financial uncertainty, your customers are struggling to prioritise what to spend on right now.

I understand exactly how to work with you & your team to reconnect, re-educate & re-energise your customers, so they want to return and spend more time and money on your business. As your business coach in Melbourne, we’ll work together to identify & outline step by step how to increase your customer flow once again.

increase cash flow quickly to start recovering from all the negatives of 2020.

I will help you dissect every part of your business to identify where you can reduce costs, consolidate debt, and develop new revenue streams. With me as your business coach in Melbourne, you get your own personal guide to life-saving strategies tailored to your business needs.

Erica is one of a kind. The knowledge, patience & energy that she brought to myself & my business has increased our profitability 100% in 6 months. I never thought it was possible. Life changing in the best way. I now have real life choices.

Dr. C LakkisMelbourne

what makes Life Lessons with Erica King unique as a business coach in melbourne?

My only focus is on your financial success. 

I know first hand how much hard work goes into building a small business. Through my signature Life Lessons for Business Success, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses make millions of dollars, reduce stress and invite more freedom into their lives – and I want to do the same thing for you. 

Working with me means working with a business coach in Melbourne who has: 

  • An understanding of your individual needs.
  • Respect for you and your business journey
  • 30 years of successfully working with 585 SMEs around Australia. 
  • Has increased client income by an average of $500,000 per year.
  • Has a proven track record of thriving in past recessions, economic downturns.