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taking the leap

taking the leap with a business coach

Business decisions are often complicated and costly. Whether you’re a start up or looking to buy a business, as a business coach I have the skills and knowledge that you need to make the right decisions for you.

My comprehensive business experience helping SME’s navigate a new territory has saved business owners from making costly and avoidable mistakes. An in-depth assessment of your new business idea or opportunity will determine its ability to thrive and become a success.

My Taking the Leap program is tailored to your business. Together we’ll work through a comprehensive business assessment to fully understand every aspect of your start up idea or new business purchase, before you make any final decisions.

The Assessment

  • Complete financial review – investment needed; cost of product or service production; cash flow projections; timeline to profitability
  • Market analysis for your product or service
  • Unique qualities of your start up or new business purchase
  • Customer demographics & psychographics
  • Marketing plan
  • Audit of your business skills & experience
  • Pros & cons
  • Timeline for successful outcomes

We’ll look at your start up or new business purchase from every angle to ensure that you can make the most sound financial decision.

Enjoy the support and peace of mind that working with a business coach expert offers.

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Take the leap

The work that I did with Erica King and her team changed the direction of my career. I now value my time; make more money in less time & know for the first time in my life that I won’t be working until I’m 70 plus. Thank you is not enough.

Dr E MoffatSydney