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Success Stories

I have worked with hundred’s of SME’s and owned 12 other businesses over the last 30 years

My SME clients on average increased by $500,000 per year

My own businesses had a growth from $400,000 to $1.4M in 6 years

Here are some success stories

These examples do not use real names or locations but take real results as statistical averages to give indicative results from actual clients.

Case Study No 1

Brad Keen is the owner of an allied health clinic located on South Coast of NSW. A perfect location for Brad to establish his dream business 5 years ago while also enjoying a wonderful lifestyle with his young family.

Brad combines his business with his favourite pastime of surfing & ocean swimming. This picturesque part of Australia provides a wonderfully calm backdrop to assisting the community to improve & achieve optimum health. Brad is a registered acupuncturist with a passion for nutritional medicine. He has extensive training & experience in Australia; Singapore and China over the last 20 years.

The business has had steady growth however this year is down 60% in revenue due to the negative impact of both the recession and pandemic. The government initiative of Job Keeper allowed Brad to retain his 3 casual staff which is a great relief because finding good quality staff in a regional location is always tough. The business also contracts a psychologist and naturopath to provide a broader range of services for his clients. This combined wellness strategy has been a great marketing opportunity. Business opens 6 days per week from 10am until 8pm with Brad working 4 days + management of business.

Current problems for business:


Reduced bookings and income


Retention of clients is low


No systems to guide staff


  • Review of all clients seen in the last 2 years – made direct contact with these people by calling, texting & email to offer them a reduced price return visit
  • Follow up all client contact within a week of first communication
  • Implement a client referral program to reward current clients referring new clients to the business
  • Implement a reduced price for purchasing blocks of appointments in advance. Cheaper to the client for booking appointments ahead. Plus income up front for the business.
  • Complete stock take of all products & nutritional supplements to identify quantity on hand plus expiry dates
  • Review of sales for all products to identify what sells & what doesn’t
  • Take a step back to assess business goals & objectives
  • Complete a clear roadmap forward
  • Develop clear procedures and protocols for all staff
  • Provide training for staff in these procedures & protocols


  • Clear business direction, goals & timelines for each stage of growth defined & documented
  • Appointments increased bookings ahead to 3 weeks with opportunity to implement a cancellation list
  • Dead time reduced by 82%
  • Income increased by 65%
  • Client return rate increased by 55%
  • Product wastage reduced by 60%
  • Product sales consolidated & increased by 53%

I feel very passionately about how Erica has changed my life. My 4 retail businesses have consolidated debt, put systems in place, set clear leadership & the best part my ROI from 3 months of working with Erica is a 98% increase in profitability. Every expectation that I had has been exceeded beyond my biggest goals.

Jessica CNew South Wales