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life story

My life has been rich with experience and I’ve strived to live it to the max daily. I’ve pushed boundaries and reached beyond my comfort zone. As a result, I’ve been gifted with powerful Life Lessons I use every day to transform businesses like yours.

Like many business owners, my entrepreneurial spirit has always been strong. I grew up working in my family’s catering business, where peeling kilos of prawns taught me that working hard is good—but working smarter is better.

At 21 I started my first business, helping celebrities deal with fame. I learned that reputation is everything.

While at university I had the opportunity to live with a remote tribe in the highlands of New Guinea as part of a thesis on communication, and learned that only by taking risks do you find the greatest gains.

Back in Melbourne I took a risk, starting my consultancy Focus Dental Management—the first of its kind in Australia. Our reputation grew through word of mouth; because I learned that managing cash flow is the number one success strategy for business, and had the ability to increase my clients’ profits exponentially.

Like you, along the way I learned that running a business is challenging. To manage my stress and ensure I could be the best boss and business partner, I started running marathons; here I learned that support and motivation are crucial in all areas of life.

My values of trust, understanding and respect have underpinned my business success, and brought significant gains to the hundreds of businesses I’ve partnered with.

My Life Lessons for Business Success are now becoming the greatest business strategy for brands worldwide. I’d love yours to be one of them.

Seize the opportunity


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online global community of followers who support, motivate & encourage each other to succeed


the age I was when as a non-runner, I decided to run a marathon


the number of marathons I ran in 12 months to celebrate my 50th birthday


the number of marathons I’ve now run, all over the world

The work that I did with Erica King and her team changed the direction of my career. I now value my time; make more money in less time & know for the first time in my life that I won’t be working until I’m 70 plus. Thank you is not enough.

Dr E MoffatSydney