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The life you want tomorrow begins today

Make more money, have more freedom. Empower your brand with proven business coaching strategies that have increased my client’s profits by an average of $420,000/year. My signature Life Lessons for Business Success are your greatest strategy and will make you more money!

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Hi, I’m Erica King, one of Australia’s highly – regarded Business Development Mentors for SME’s in the health and Lifestyle industries.

I know first hand how much hard work goes into SMEs.

My only focus is your financial success. I’ve helped hundreds of businesses make millions of dollars, reduce stress and invite more freedom into their lives.

Could your business be more profitable? That’s why you are here.

Slingshot your brand to its peak potential and realise the only way to increase profits and streamline systems is by harnessing the support and business mentorship I provide.

If money equals freedom, you’re here to maximise yours. Let’s do it together.

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life lessons manifesto

Are you lost right now?
Do you want greater clarity about your life’s direction & purpose?

If you answer yes to these questions then take some time to develop your own Life Lessons Manifesto.

Your Manifesto will give a crystal clear map to follow in every area of your life. By understanding what makes you unique & can move forward confidently knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Erica is one of a kind, the knowledge, patience & energy that she brought to myself & my business has increased our profitability 100% in 6 months. I never thought it was possible. Life changing in the best way. I now have real life choices.

Dr C LakkisMelbourne