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Want More Freedom & Choice in Life? Read This

Freedom means something unique to each of us, but one commonality is to have choice and control in our life. Yet, regardless of your definition, an unshakeable foundation of resilience, discipline, integrity and strong work ethic are required (Life Lesson #1 – Life Choices).

My parents had a catering company and a restaurant. The moment I could stand on a box at the sink, I was put to work. Peeling kilos of prawns became my world. There were no holidays, family dinners or time off. Very quickly, my concept of life became: work and no play.

While some may view this upbringing as hard on a young child, my perspective is, it was my entrepreneurial training ground. It later enabled me to launch a consulting company in my 20’s, working with hundreds of SME’s Australia-wide to increase their annual profits by $500,000 (per client). A working childhood awarded me the skills and mindset to amass

exponential financial success early in life.

How does this help you?

Your freedom comes down to Life Choices. Money matters, but it’s not everything.

Money is a measure of success for any business, but it represents so much more. Money allows you to design and live your dream life. That should matter most. A thriving business creates choice and gives you the freedom to do what you want without limitations. That happens through a bold strategic vision .

Striving to acquire wealth without a clear vision for your life or business is redundant. Making money can be a lot of fun. I’ve done it very successfully for 30 years—and loved it. However, I’ve learned through extensive trial and error that establishing smart and sustainable business practices comes first, financial success follows.

The first step is mastering what I see as an essential business development strategy:
Consistent input at all levels equals consistent outcomes. 

If you can’t maintain momentum with your existing business strategies, it’s time to re-think, pivot

and go again. Structure your business to maximise profitability, and you’ll be free to enjoy all aspects of your life—and not ‘live to work’. You can shift gears and cultivate a life of freedom and business success at any moment.

I’ve done it with my latest business, Life Lessons with Erica King ; a culmination of 30 years of experience and life lessons channeled into a high-end mentoring service for SME’s. I can show you the way forward in your business.