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Business Transformation

with a Business Coach

To operate at your optimal potential, you must lay all the cards on the table. You need to be honest about where your business is at and know exactly where you want it to go. Nothing worthwhile in life comes without going all in.

Help your business to thrive exponentially. With my ongoing guidance as a business coach in this six-month program, we’ll work together to transform your business and start hitting major goals.

On the path to success, it’s all or nothing. Give business transformation everything you’ve got and you’ll gain traction and see results.

Here’s how it will work.

Together we will:

  • Clarify what is success for you in dollar terms and lifestyle options
  • Define your goals in significant detail
  • Complete a detailed business audit & assessment – where are you now?
  • Develop a clear roadmap
  • Clarify your individual leadership style & impact on your team & business
  • Examine team dynamics, management, motivation & training plan
  • Establish specific strategies, protocols & procedures for every aspect of your business
  • Set timelines, KPIs, roles & responsibilities
  • Implement with accountability at all levels
  • Review new systems & processes for daily; weekly & monthly adjustments

This 6 month program will ensure that you are well on your way to achieving all of your business goals. This time will allow us to completely transform every aspect of your business for successful outcomes.
Investing in your business with my skills will pay. But only if you’re willing to put in the work. As your business coach, I will guide and support you, but it’s up to you to implement my recommendations.

This program is for you if:

  • You are motivated and focused on achieving your goals.
  • You understand that nothing positive happens overnight. This is a process that takes several months to achieve.
  • The 6 month timeframe will make a massive difference to you & your business
  • You believe that you can succeed.

My commitment to you & your business is:

  • RESPECT for you & your business journey
  • TRUST that I will provide you with only tried & proven business strategies
  • UNDERSTANDING for your individual needs.
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If you are looking for sound business guidance, excellent delivery of service, super accountability & exceptional value for money then you absolutely can’t go anywhere else. Erica King is the master of making a business successful in every area. I have increased my personal income by $250,000 in the last 12 months. I never thought this would ever be possible.

E. Sinclair